What the enemy meant for harm, God turned to the good

It is by the word of our testimony that God frequently works. I am inviting pastors and ministers to speak to their issues with pornography at this anonymous venue

What the enemy meant for harm, God turned to the good

Postby ned » Mon Dec 17, 2007 9:54 am

Although I am not in a full time church vocation, I have in the past been a missionary with YWAM and have held any number of leadership positions in our local assembly.
When I first stumbled into internet pornography only to have it grip me like a shark, I knew that I was soon to be exposed, disgraced, marriage ruined and career destroyed. That God in his Mercy would expose me and cleanse me. So in the fear of the Lord, I resolved to get off the internet completely. On the same day that I was to actually remove my internet, my websmaster came in and asked me if I had ever heard of internet filtering (understand that I had never admitted to anyone that I was going to porn sites). It turned out that filtering in 1998 was not available to our locality, so in reponse I determined to provide it...and Wisechoice was born.

Although we have a few thousands of customers I would have thought that millions would have been using filters, yet with all the filtering companies combined I would estimate that less than 200,000 people in the world are using filtering. Clearly the enemy is blinding eyes and clearly men are not facing their issues leaving their ministries, families and reputations exposed..

I hope other pastors will share, in the safety of this discussion board their experiences and join in compatting this madness of internet pronpography.

Blessings- Ned Dominick, Founder of Wisechoice.
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too scary

Postby bruised » Thu Feb 11, 2010 12:20 pm

It is so sick that as a pastor that I must pretend to be cleaner and less sinful than other men. Of I were to come clean to my congregation I would lose my job.

I have finally found another pastor friend that I have been able to get into an acocuntability relationship. We have both put filters on our computers and activated the accountability reportiong. It has changed everything knowing that my brother will call me if he gets a notificaiton that I am falling...the same ofr him.

The joke is that when people ask why theere is a filter on the church computers I tell them , "that you never know who might be coming into the church and use the computers to access pornography.....oh well.

Hang in there.
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